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pdfaPilot – Complete features overview

While pdfaPilot is easy to learn and use, it has numerous features to offer. Sometimes it can take a moment to find the right feature – whether you are looking for a specific color feature, some document initial view setup, a font repair feature or just a check to find all red text larger than 12 pt – the feature lists shown below will make finding what you are looking for a breeze.

  • "Configured profiles" are combined checks and fixups suitable for many use cases and industries
  • "Configured checks" can be used for a quick analysis of PDFs, or for finding that specific object in your multi-page PDF
  • "Configured fixups" allow you to fix or adjust a certain aspect in a PDF by just running the fixup

  • "Complete list" of all features listed above.
    Warning: The complete list is very long and may need a moment to load in your browser, but it may be the most straightforward way to look around for something specific you could not find yet.

Create your own profiles, checks or fixups!

With regard to the predefined profiles, checks or fixups – you are not limited to these but can also build your own. Either start from scratch and create a new one from nothing, based solely on your specific needs, or duplicate an existing one and adjust checks or fixups as needed.

Profiles, checks and fixups can freely be shared or distributed!

You are free to exchange predefined profiles, checks and fixups with your colleagues, friends or business partners. You are also entitled to publish them on your website or distribute them in any other way that is useful for you or your business.

When you are stuck you will never be left alone!

Whenever you have run into the situation where you say to yourself “I know it can be done with pdfaPilot, if only I could figure out how!” then do not hesitate – use the callas software user forum and ask around, look for previous posts or contact support at callas software. It is our goal to make you productive with your pdfaPilot as quickly as we can!