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Streamlined conversion to PDF with callas pdfToolbox 5

Converting to PDF In batch!
While PDF is well established as the format for file exchange, it’s very common to receive other file formats from customers. Microsoft Word files are a typical example just as – still – PostScript and EPS files. And probably you don’t receive just the one Word or PostScript file. So how do you deal with a whole folder of files, or with a regular in-flow of files you want to treat automatically?

callas pdfToolbox 5 converts many file formats into good-for-production PDF files

When callas pdfToolbox 5 will be released in April 2011, one of the great new features will be its additional support for PDF conversion. So how does that work?

As all features in callas pdfToolbox it’s very easy to use, callas pdfToolbox Desktop provides two simple ways to convert files to PDF:

1. Drag-and-drop

What is easier than drag-and-drop? Simply select the files you want to convert and drag them on the callas pdfToolbox Desktop document window.

All files are immediately converted to PDF and opened in callas pdfToolbox.

2. Using the Switchboard

Open the Switchboard (using the “Tools > Switchboard” menu item) and select one of the conversion buttons in the Document group of the Switchboard.

This presents you with conversion options and the ability to convert the file to convert to PDF.

Supported file formats

callas pdfToolbox 5 supports the following file formats for conversion to PDF:

  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher, Visio and Project
  • OpenOffice
  • Pages and Keynote (Mac OS X only)
  • PostScript and EPS

Automation you say?

Of course this feature can be automated as well; the batch feature in callas pdfToolbox Desktop can convert a complete folder of files in one go.

And pdfToolbox Server hot folders can also convert incoming files into PDF for high-speed unattended processing when you really need volume.

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