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Fast, robust integration of PDF preflighting and processing in any environment

The callas pdfToolbox CLI 5 (command line interface) is the fastest way for developers to leverage callas PDF technologies into custom solutions. Built on the same callas technology that drives industry-standard Adobe® Acrobat® preflighting, pdfToolbox CLI 5 allows developers to quickly incorporate robust, fully-featured PDF preflighting, correction, color-management and imposition functionality into custom workflows and solutions.

pdfToolbox CLI 5 sports all the features of pdfToolbox 5, giving developers a vast range of tools at their disposal for elaborating any level of workflow solutions.

Designed to be integrated into enterprise systems, callas pdfToolbox CLI 5 has no graphical user interface and facilitates jobs that require a high level of customizable development options but don’t need the even-more flexible possibilities of a callas programming libraries (SDKs).

Expanding development horizons on a wide-range of supported platforms, the well thought-out commands, easy installation and comprehensive documentation make it a breeze to get started developing with callas pdfToolbox CLI 5 for all levels of developers.

Rapidly integrate the very highest performance, industry-standard PDF preflight and correction tools into any type of solution from truly versatile web applications to submission platforms. pdfToolbox 5 CLI provides the thorough and comprehensive processing you require to complete your solution, meaning the sky’s the limit as to what you build.

From web applications running on UNIX-based platforms to file submission systems using the latest PDF/X standards; from enterprise level document management systems to any other kind of PDF workflow - whatever your requirements, callas pdfToolbox CLI 5 gives you robust and proven PDF technology you need on your own terms.

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