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Create fully featured PDF preflighting and correction solutions for any market

callas pdfToolbox SDK (Software Development Kit) is a programming library that incorporates everything developers need to to quickly incorporate robust, fully featured preflighting, correction, and color-conversion and imposition functionality.

Well thought-out calls, easy installation and comprehensive documentation including applications and source code samples for all supported environments make it a breeze to get started with the same technology that drives industry-standard Adobe® Acrobat® preflighting.

So whether you’re building a truly versatile web application, a file submission platform or any other kind of PDF workflow solution, callas pdfToolbox SDK gives you robust and proven PDF technology you need on your own terms.

System Requirements

  • Mac: Requires Mac OS X (Intel), version 10.6 or newer.
  • Windows: Requires Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8.
  • Linux: Distributions with at least GCC 3.4-compatible system libraries are supported. Reference platform is Debian 6 (Squeeze).
  • Solaris SPARC: Solaris 8 (Solaris-Sparc v5.8) or newer - Solaris x86: Solaris 10 (Solaris-Intel v5.10) or newer
  • AIX: AIX 5.3 (oslevel 5300-07) or newer

Read more about the available callas software technology.

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