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The authors

Olaf Drümmer

is the co-author of ‘Postscript- und PDF-Bibel’, and has played a crucial role in the standardization of PDF/X (since 1999) and PDF/A (since 2002). He is a member of several international institutions and associations: DIN, ECI, Ghent PDF Workgroup, PDF/A Competence Center, and PDF/X-ready. Olaf Drümmer is CEO of callas software GmbH. callas software develops the Preflight functions integrated in Acrobat since Version 6 (2003).

Alexandra Oettler

is a technical writer who has worked as a freelance journalist specializing in software for many years. She regularly has articles on DTP software in practice published in specialist prepress journals. She also writes user manuals for PDF and prepress programs and teaches software training courses. As the editor in chief of the Web site, she provided German-speaking readers with daily information on new products, schedules, and tips between 2001 and 2004.

Dietrich von Seggern

After completing his university studies in print technology, Dietrich von Seggern worked as a prepress manager. He worked on research projects related to the transmission of digital print data. Later, he became the _manager of the digital advertisement transmission department at the marketing organization of the German newspaper publishers (ZMG). He has been working as the head of Product _Management at callas software GmbH in Berlin for several years now.