callas in numbers


What an unusual year 2020, wasn’t it? A lot of things changed at callas too. A quick look at the numbers from the past year.


Here comes the 12!


It’s day 3 of the VIP Event 2020 and we are very excited to step into the forthcoming era of pdfToolbox 12. While I hope that all our blog readers have subscribed to the event, I am writing a summary on what has happened till now and what awaits. Also, the registration link below.


VIP Event in Riga - All about preflight, automation & pdfToolbox 11


callas software, along with axaio software and Four Pees, wrapped up its annual VIP event this week in downtown Riga. More than 50 stakeholders attended this event that focused on the theme of pdfToolbox 11 with a subtitle 'Prepress automation for "mainstream" and niche markets'. It was a wonderful opportunity for all attendees to learn what direction callas software is trending towards. If you missed this year's event, read more to find out what happened in Riga.


The Great (Online) PDF Show


From where do you remember that we asked you about Maria Callas' birth city, what color PANTONE 124C is or what the combined age of the Four Pees team is? Believe it or not, The Great (online) PDF Show is back! Are you ready to test your skills before going on the real stage and find out how much you know about us or the PDF industry? This is how we prepare you for the next VIP Event!


EDuCation 2019


I am just back from the PDF Association’s annual event, the EDC (Electronic Document Conference), in Seattle. In short: I think it was a very good event and I am happy that we decided to have it in North America this year. (That’s a picture of Mount Rainier in the blog post cover, taken from Lake Washington during the evening boat tour.) It is always helpful to talk about recent PDF developments and to hear what others, end users as well as developers, think about those. One thing that we (the attendees) came back to various times during the event is that PDF has many more features than currently being used and that it is important to educate users and developers – which made for the title of this blog post. Part of that mission is that from now on, this annual event will alternate between Europe (next year) and North America.


Talking callas crew at PDF Camp 2019


Each year, PDF Camp brings a lot of our stakeholders together to discuss the utility of callas products, the company's future and wide-ranging problems (especially in prepress). This year was no different! Missed it? Well, I got some of it covered here. On to the PDF Camp news!


That's a wrap at the VIP Event!


It was that time of the year again where we bring together our partners, customers and other stakeholders and meet in some part of the world. At the VIP Event, it is all about connecting, generating ideas, discussing the future of the PDF industry, and much more! Curious?


The future of documents


At the DocEng conference, I met a lot of academics and professionals discussing interesting requirements and solutions related to PDF documents. It was impressive to see what these people are working on, what they (don't) know about PDF and whether it works according to their needs. Here is my experience ...