SVG font issues in prepress production - and what that has to do with recent ISO meetings


We recently heard about many prepress production problems related to SVG fonts used in the layouts. In this blogpost, you'll read what causes these issues, how you can resolve them and what it has to do with our recent ISO meetings in Toronto.


How does PDF 2.0 affect the printing industry?


It's true that many developments in the printing industry have led to progressive automation of workflows, like increasing quality requirements, declining print runs and prices ... Perhaps the most important technology in this context is the PDF format acting as the carrier of the print data which plays a central role in the communication and application of color in the printing process. Nevertheless, against the background of these massive tectonic changes in the printing landscape, some cracks have opened up and PDF 2.0 aims to close them. Let's go in detail in our first blog post of 2019!


Does PDF 2.0 have any effect on PDF/A?

PDF 2.0

PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2) has been available as a new standard since August 2017 - the result of almost ten years of work by about 30 experts from all over the world. It is the first PDF specification that has been completely developed within the ISO! From an archive perspective, the question now arises as to what extent the changes in PDF 2.0 are significant for PDF/A.