Digital publication of regulations and laws in Brandenburg (Germany)


Already in 2009, the German state Brandenburg started to publish all laws digitally and used – no surprise - PDF for that. It still is (at least) a nationwide pioneer. In this blog, callas software wants to explain the requirements which are sometimes completely different from e.g. publishing magazine articles online, but sometimes also surprisingly close to print publishing.


Is ZUGFeRD 2.0 just as easy to use as its predecessor or any other data formats for e-invoices?


As a hybrid data format, ZUGFeRD integrates structured invoice data in XML format into a PDF document (PDF/A-3). Recently ZUGFeRD 2.0 was published and the current release of pdfaPilot supports the old as well as the new flavor of ZUGFeRD, but also the French Factur-X and the XRechnung (developed by the German Ministry of the Interior). This blog explains what that actually means.


Do PDF/A and Enterprise Content Management systems complement each other (perfectly)?


With Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, companies can better distribute information, collaboratively edit documents, digitally archive or simply retrieve information faster. This is particularly successful if files are stored in a suitable format that reflects the typical requirements for processing documents. So, what is the first choice of document format here?


System-independent archiving of project files with PDF/A-3


The constantly growing demands on formats were no longer able to meet the constantly growing requirements for reliable long-term digital storage of important documents. In addition, there was a desire for a searchable, compact format that was robust and widely usable across platforms. In 2005, an ISO standard based on the PDF format started to write a new chapter in the history of digital archiving of documents: PDF/A. In this blog post, I am writing about how system-independent archiving of project files with PDF/A-3 can be achieved and how the advantages of PDF/A-3 are presented in the form of application scenarios and the different points of view regarding PDF/A-3.


Digital personnel records for eternity


Numerous directives and laws state that employee records must be maintained for many years after an employee leaves the company. How can companies ensure that the documents are still accessible? Do companies want to keep this data online for 5 years? One possibility is to store the documents in PDF/A format, the ISO standard for long-term archiving.