How callas and Prepress changed each other


One can see a lot clearer in the rearview mirror. Having been in Prepress for 30 years and 17 at callas, here I will have a quick look to the rear - and to the front...


SVG font issues in prepress production - and what that has to do with recent ISO meetings


We recently heard about many prepress production problems related to SVG fonts used in the layouts. In this blogpost, you'll read what causes these issues, how you can resolve them and what it has to do with our recent ISO meetings in Toronto.


Powerful coexistence of AFP and PDF


Today, PDF is the universal format for the exchange of digital documents, but since many years it is also the standard for the transmission and processing of print documents in all industries and printing processes. Printed customer communication, however, is an exception. This is where the faction that adheres to AFP, a technology for the print data stream, persists. With the ISO 22550 standard 'Document management - AFP interchange for PDF' about to be published, both formats could be combined.


Advanced mathematics for better (context aware) preflight


Since the existence of PDF preflight, it was always available in all products based on an object by object analysis. Today, preflight has become a major building block of modern prepress workflows, however, the object by object approach has some limitations. Read to find out more about what context aware object detection technology is and how it helps in achieving better preflight results.


Why DeviceLink profiles should interest you


In version 10, pdfToolbox introduced support for a wide range of DeviceLink profiles. They can be used – for free – from within the Switchboard or using a fixup in a preflight profile. And they can be really interesting for your production work! Why?


Understanding Overprint


When working with support cases, the ones that are related to Overprint in PDF are likely to surprise customers. It frequently happens that what they thought would be completely wrong (and made them send the support request) turns out to be just right and well according to specifications. Reason enough to talk about Overprint in this blog post!


How PDF changed prepress production dramatically in the last 25 years


25 years ago the first version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) was published. This anniversary is a good opportunity for PDF expert Stephan Jaeggi, publisher of PDF-AKTUELL, to look back on how PDF has changed prepress production over these years.