GrafKom Nordic Workflow Summit

GrafKom Nordic Workflow Summit

On November 12, GrafKom organizes their second Workflow Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be a day full of inspiration, knowledge and tips and tricks around print and publishing workflows. Attend several of the 32 sessions and learn how you can improve and update your business through smarter workflows!

callas software as well as Four Pees will hold several presentations, and we will be supported by our Swedish reseller NewFormat! What's on the agenda?

  • Keynote: Self driving PDF - The Future of Workflow Automation

    The total dimensions of printed paper is shrinking, whereas the number of pages and files that are printed is increasing. This was only economically viable, because at the same time workflow automation was on the rise. PDF software has to support highly flexible automation rules to navigate and adjust files not only according to the job settings but also as required by the specifics of the file. Is prepress finally on its way from handcraft to industry? In this keynote, Dietrich plans to give a (vendor neutral) overview about recent software developments for PDF automation. Furthermore, he will provide a personal view on what may be the next challenges for us as a PDF vendor and for the industry as a whole.
    Presenter: Dietrich von Seggern (Managing Director of callas software)

  • The sense and nonsense of standardization in print
    The Ghent Workgroup has been active in the 'standardization for print' arena since 2002, so for more than 17 years. But why was the group started? Where did it originate and with what purpose? And more importantly, does the effort spent on standardization - both by the GWG workgroup and local user associations - pay off? In this session, you’ll learn more about these topics and you’ll hear where the Ghent Workgroup stands today and what we believe are the biggest challenges we’re still facing ...
    Presenter: David van Driessche (Executive Director at Ghent Workgroup)
  • Advances in workflow technology for PDF with the brand-new callas pdfToolbox 11
    callas pdfToolbox is one of the important and very versatile building blocks of any modern graphic arts workflow. Its capabilities range from quality control, over automatic corrections, to the creation of production file including additional finishing information. Join this session to learn more about the new pdfToolbox 11 and see firsthand how the additional capabilities of this important version allow workflows to become more automated and more powerful.
    Presenters: Dietrich von Seggern (Managing Director of callas software) & David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees)
  • Why would you need HTML to PDF technology, or Javascript, in print production workflows
    PDF is for graphic arts workflows. HTML and Javascript are for the Internet. Isn’t that what we all know? Join this session to see how the use of an HTML to PDF engine built into callas pdfChip, callas pdfToolbox and callas pdfaPilot can be indispensable in a workflow where documents have to be decorated, annotated or created from scratch. The power of the HTML layout engine, coupled with the versatility and speed of a modern Javascript engine allows fast creation of both production and administrative documents and is useful for anything from proof creation, over the generation of shipment documents to the creation of personalized tickets or advertisements on the fly.
    Presenter: David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees)

And there's more: you can meet Dietrich von Seggern, David van Driessche and Kent Åberg personally in the Discovery Zone! We will be there to answer your questions or share thoughts.

Sounds interesting? Join us for € 295 (or 3 150 SEK) as GrafKom member* and for € 425 (or 4 500 SEK) as nonmember*:

*There is also a possibility to join the dinner after the event, which costs an additional € 45 (or 450 SEK).

Looking for hotel accommodation? GrafKom has arranged special rates for you:

  • Standard single room: 1 795 SEK (incl. VAT)
  • Superior single room: 1 995 SEK (incl. VAT)

The offer includes breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi and free access to the gym and sauna!

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