callas DPartner

A new standard combines the use of DPart information with a print intent vocabulary, so parts of PDF files can be labeled with origin or intent information. The possibilities for print automation are huge, and callas software provides a new, free product to help you understand what DPart information is contained in a PDF.

04:32 - Types of Metadata a PDF has
06:12 - Comparison of DPart metadata (DPM) with XMP Metadata
07:54 - How does DPart work with an example from PDF/VT application notes
12:54 - DPart as of today
14:32 - Print Product Metada combines DPart with XJDF
15:30 - Print Product Metada Overview 25:48 - Spotify via command line
21:05 - DPartner in pdfToolbox
26:24 - DPart in QuickCheck
31:24 - 'Use DPart metadata in a Process Plan via QuickCheck' in callas documentation
32:38 - New ISO standards for automated prepress workflows


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