Activation procedure for pdfToolbox Desktop

Step by step instructions on how to activate callas pdfToolbox Desktop. Background To use any callas product on a computer, you will need to activate it...

Webinar - What's new in pdfaPilot 6?

Do you want to see the new functionalities and benefits of pdfaPilot for long-term archiving?

Webinar - Was ist neu in pdfaPilot 6?

Thumbnail - Was ist neu in pdfaPilot 6?
In diesem Webinar stellen Marc Heusmann und Dietrich von Seggern die neuen Funktionen von pdfaPilot 6 vor. Neben der verbesserten kombinierten Konvertierung für PDF/X und PDF/A bietet diese Version neue Optionen bei der...

General questions on callas integration in Enfocus Switch

Question: Are the pdfToolbox 7 Configurators compatible with pdfToolbox 8 in Enfocus Switch 13? Answer: Yes, they are. Keep in mind that you have to change the CLI path to pdfToolbox CLI...

How to locate my jobs folder of pdfToolbox Server?

Background Every job that you create in pdfToolbox Server is stored in the "Jobs" folder. It's very important to know where that Jobs folder is located to create a backup of that folder. Because when...

How to reset my pdfToolbox Server?

Background This article explain how you can reset your pdfToolbox Server when you are not able to start them. Instructions Close pdfToolbox Server. Navigate to: Macintosh:

Webinar - Adding content in pdfToolbox 8

pdfToolbox 8 includes exciting new functionality to add all sorts of content to PDF documents. This webinar gives an overview of the different fix-ups to add content and goes into detail on what you can accomplish with them. The webinar will...

Webinar - Content integrity throughout a workflow

In many workflows, it is critical that documents do not change or that requested changes are performed correctly. This webinar looks at a number of tools that help with comparing different versions of documents in a workflow,...

Webinar - Automation with pdfToolbox, FileTrain & tFLOW

This webinar answers the question on which technology is best suited for which use-case. After a (high-level) review of each solution, the pros and contras of automation using these different technologies are summarized so that you can take an...

Webinar - Using variable profiles with pdfToolbox Desktop/Server & FileTrain

This webinar provides the full story on using variables in pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfToolbox Server. To make things clear, a practical use case of an advertisement workflow where multiple ad sizes need to be checked will be built...