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Webinar - Introduction to pdfaPilot 7

Recently callas software released version 7 of pdfaPilot. The latest release of this long-established software solution for converting files to PDF/A and validating them is now...

Webinar - Was ist neu in pdfaPilot 7?

callas software gab vor kurzem die Verfügbarkeit der Version 7 von pdfaPilot bekannt. Die etablierte Software zur Konvertierung und Validierung von Dateien nach PDF/A ist mit...

Tutorial - Create a Switchboard Action to be used in a Process Plan

Background Process Plans allow you to run profiles, checks and fixups, but you can also create your own actions to be executed as part of the processing. How are these actions...

Keyboard shortcuts for pdfaPilot

For some functionality callas pdfaPilot offers the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts. callas pdfaPilot

Webinar - Preflight, the basics

What does preflight really do for you? What can be checked for, or even better, what can (safely) be fixed? Do you need to create your own preflight profiles or is it better to...

How to upgrade pdfToolbox Server successfully?

Background Sometimes after upgrading to a newer version of callas pdfToolbox Server, the server jobs are not moved automatically. Instructions Go to...

Activation procedure for pdfaPilot Server

Background To use any callas product on a computer, you need to activate it first. This is true if you have bought a license key but also if you want...

Webinar - Introduction to pdfaPilot 6

Do you want to see the new functionalities and benefits of pdfaPilot for long-term archiving?

Webinar - Was ist neu in pdfaPilot 6?

Am 7. Oktober haben Marc Heusmann und Dietrich von Seggern von callas software ein deutsches Webinar abgehalten, um pdfaPilot 6 vorzustellen. Hier können Sie sich die Webinaraufnahme anschauen: