What is a preflight Check and how do I create one?

Often the best thing you can do is search for an existing preflight Check that matches more or less what you want to do, and duplicate that. But sometimes it's quicker or necessary to create an entirely new Check. So, how do we do that?

The callas software GitHub repository

In 2017, callas software introduced a temporary GitHub account that was used to maintain a new Place Content template. In 2018, the callas GitHub account went live and it handles much more. This session gives an overview of why...

Converting PDF's to an ISO standard

If you have established that you want to work with the ISO PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4 standard, the next question is what you do with PDF documents that are not compliant to those standards. callas pdfToolbox can help you to convert the...

Using DeviceLinks in pdfToolbox

DeviceLink profiles are specialised ICC Profiles that are very useful for color conversions, TAC reductions or ink save. This session goes into the theory behind them, but also explains how and where in pdfToolbox you can use them...

Getting multi-color right

N-channel color spaces become more and more popular, for example in digital printing. How well does PDF support n-channel color spaces? Does CxF/X-4 help at all? What options does the color conscious PDF user have today?

A short history of the world - PDF & callas software

A short history of the world of PDF and callas software, with questions such as: Where does the current product range come from? How did it evolve? How did PDF itself evolve? How does the GWG and standardisation in general fit into...

Profile creation in pdfToolbox

In this video, Dietrich von Seggern (Managing Director at callas software) shows you how you can edit profiles in pdfToolbox, as well as create your own profiles.

Better organization in pdfToolbox using libraries

Once you start creating your own Profiles, Checks, Fixups and so on, you'll see that you need some organization or you're going to loose your way. Libraries are perfect for that! And you already know them as pdfToolbox ships with a bunch of...

Webinar - Make your PDF files print ready with pdfToolbox!

In this webinar we show you how you can check in pdfToolbox whether or not your PDF files are ready to be printed. Get a quick overview of the functionality in pdfToolbox Desktop for PDF quality control, correction, color management,...

Webinar - Creating a dieline in a PDF document using pdfToolbox

In this webinar we talk about creating a dieline in a PDF document using pdfToolbox. The shapes technology in pdfToolbox makes it possible to create dielines on the fly using pdfToolbox. Dielines can be created from a page box (such as...