RPA-based office workflows, using PDF

RPA for office

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) approach is similar to the automated process that is common in manufacturing companies, where robots are working in factories and taking over the assembly of systems, machines or vehicles. Do you think that RPA applications would be a more common sight in back offices in the coming years? Discover our view on the matter in the following blog post!

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callas Desktop products can 'explore' your PDF documents

callas pdfToolbox - Explore tools

Imagine a scenario where you have copy-pasted some text from your PDF to another location and it comes out totally different from what you had copied. Now what? You would want to explore the text inside the PDF, wouldn’t you? Well, what are you waiting for? Let's explore!

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Mobile Magazines

Mobile magazines

More and more, magazines are available on tablets or other mobile platforms. Consequently, many new apps appear where subscribers have access to several hundred publications, such as AppleNews+, Keep In Mind, Readly and many more. The subscriber uses the respective app to view the magazine pages, but in many cases the internal format is actually PDF. In this blog post, we want to have a look at what is needed to turn a print-ready PDF into lightweight performant PDF pages.

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Spotify in pdfToolbox - all about spot colors

Spotify in pdfToolbox

Why would you want to convert an image that only uses spot colors to PDF, while maintaining the original appearance of the image as closely as possible? Let's figure out how Spotify can help you in your workflows in this blog post!

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The time of the year where we look back, take stock & plan ahead

Infographic 2019

We can all agree that 2019 was a crazy year: from the anticlimax in the Game of Thrones' finale to the launch of Tesla's Cybertruck which included a broken window mishap. In all this madness, there has been plenty of upsides as well - especially in callas' world. From the improved Process Plan UI to callas License Server, we ticked off everything on our to-do list for 2019. Have a look!

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VIP Event in Riga - All about preflight, automation & pdfToolbox 11

VIP Event 2019

callas software, along with axaio software and Four Pees, wrapped up its annual VIP event this week in downtown Riga. More than 50 stakeholders attended this event that focused on the theme of pdfToolbox 11 with a subtitle 'Prepress automation for "mainstream" and niche markets'. It was a wonderful opportunity for all attendees to learn what direction callas software is trending towards. If you missed this year's event, read more to find out what happened in Riga.

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How quick is pdfToolbox's QuickCheck functionality?

pdfToolbox - Quick Check

It had been discussed several times that while it might be impossible to dramatically increase the speed of pdfToolbox processing, it might be possible to increase the speed of individual aspects - especially such aspects that may be of specific interest to customers. So, what is it that you can ‘quickly check’, what's the background of QuickCheck and how can this feature shape automation?

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A short story of callas License Server ...

callas License Server

We already discussed our 'next big thing' at the VIP Event 2018: the License Server. But what led to this idea, how can it help you and everything surrounding the License Server? Let me answer these questions and a lot more in this blog post.

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