Emails for eternity


According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, an average of 26 e-mails are received per professional mailbox in Germany every day. Processing them takes up a large part of working time. In addition, e-mails are an integral part of processes. Some of them must be retained under tax law, including purchase orders or invoices, but also any documents that may be relevant in connection with a business transaction. In addition, electronic messages often contain valuable knowledge that must be retained. But how can e-mails be elegantly archived? To date, there is no supreme solution. However, for a number of reasons, the PDF route currently seems to be the most practical.

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Archive e-mails system-independently with PDF/A

pdfaPilot e-mail archiving

E-mails are increasingly replacing paper mail and are therefore an integral part of processes. So, it might be interesting to do e-mail archiving as their content must be retained for years. Furthermore, there are more good reasons for e-mail archiving. If e-mails and their attachments are structured in the same way as all other documents and stored in a uniform format, this facilitates the comprehensive information search. However, e-mails are often - if at all - stored in proprietary formats. Whether these are reproducible or searchable in the long term is questionable. System-independent e-mail archiving in PDF/A format is a secure alternative!

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