Prepress automation in label printing

Label print blog

The level of automation in print shops has risen massively in recent years and it is not a big surprise that researchers found out that the degree of automation is a good indicator of a company's economic success. Modern, automated processes go far beyond classic preflighting and correcting: Tasks such as adding bleed, mapping die-cutting contours or white forms, and placing barcodes and QR codes now run in the background without manual intervention - and can also be implemented sensibly in label printing.

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PrePress Digital in collaboration with callas

PPD callas blog

"In the past, we have repeatedly found that print shops cover the steps of the prepress and production process with softwares from different manufacturers. With such a constellation, frictional losses occur between the individual steps. In comes Durst workflow” says Hans Peter Schneeberger, Managing Director of PrePress digital - Softwareentwicklung GmbH. But what is the role of pdfToolbox in this? Read to find out what Hans Peter has to say.

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Socially distancing penguins


Sometimes funny concepts are the best way to explain what otherwise could be very dry (but important!) topics. And as everybody understands the concept of social distancing after the last year, it is ideal to talk about proximity testing. Wait! What? Proximity testing… Sometimes you want to make sure that certain objects are not too close together. Perhaps because they have to be cut apart after printing and there needs to be enough spacing to do that without damaging the printed content. Or, to stick to our funny concept, to make sure all penguins are at least 1.5 meter or 6 feet apart at all times.

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pdfToolbox 12.2 MINUS pdfToolbox 12 = WOW improvements!

pdfToolbox 12.2 blog

It is not just the major versions of pdfToolbox that see major improvements, we release value to further increase productivity and efficiency all along our minor versions too. This blog collects an overview of such major features and improvements from pdfToolbox 12 onwards and up until now.

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What can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) learn from prepress?

Robotic Process Automation

The IT industry has embarked on a new topic: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It covers the automation of processes by eliminating manual activities to a large extent, so software solutions can take over. With today's processor speed and increasingly sophisticated algorithms in software applications, IT can now carry out increasingly complex requirements faster and, for recurring tasks, more reliable than any human being. The RPA model originated in industrial production. Robots carry out the work in the manufacturing industry, and humans are only there to control and monitor the processes. In order to function smoothly, the processes and also the materials to be processed must be standardized as much as possible, which usually is the case in manufacturing processes, but not necessarily in office processes … As RPA will most likely be pushed by the current crisis, we would like to have a look at RPA from a PDF point of view!

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Mobile Magazines

Mobile magazines

More and more, magazines are available on tablets or other mobile platforms. Consequently, many new apps appear where subscribers have access to several hundred publications, such as AppleNews+, Keep In Mind, Readly and many more. The subscriber uses the respective app to view the magazine pages, but in many cases the internal format is actually PDF. In this blog post, we want to have a look at what is needed to turn a print-ready PDF into lightweight performant PDF pages.

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Automating complex workflows with pdfToolbox 11!

pdfToolbox 11

From complex document detection to Spotify or new bleed correction features for irregular shapes, pdfToolbox 11 brings many new capabilities for workflow automation – and makes creation of complex automation Profiles a lot nicer via a brand-new Process Plan editor.

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How quick is pdfToolbox's QuickCheck functionality?

pdfToolbox - Quick Check

It had been discussed several times that while it might be impossible to dramatically increase the speed of pdfToolbox processing, it might be possible to increase the speed of individual aspects - especially such aspects that may be of specific interest to customers. So, what is it that you can ‘quickly check’, what's the background of QuickCheck and how can this feature shape automation?

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