Understanding Overprint

Overprint settings

When working with support cases, the ones that are related to Overprint in PDF are likely to surprise customers. It frequently happens that what they thought would be completely wrong (and made them send the support request) turns out to be just right and well according to specifications. Reason enough to talk about Overprint in this blog post!

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How accessible is the documentation these days?

Accessibility of documentation

For people with physical disabilities, such as severely impaired vision, reading on a computer with technical aids is much easier than reading on paper. It therefore makes sense to make technical documentation available electronically, and thus make it accessible to as many people as possible. Guess which is the preferred format for achieving this and how does it add value for everyone?

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How does PDF 2.0 affect the printing industry?

PDF 2.0

It's true that many developments in the printing industry have led to progressive automation of workflows, like increasing quality requirements, declining print runs and prices ... Perhaps the most important technology in this context is the PDF format acting as the carrier of the print data which plays a central role in the communication and application of color in the printing process. Nevertheless, against the background of these massive tectonic changes in the printing landscape, some cracks have opened up and PDF 2.0 aims to close them. Let's go in detail in our first blog post of 2019!

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