PDF Camp Berlin

13 - 14/03/2017
PDF Camp Berlin

PDF Camp is a technical and hands-on event where we will work in groups to find answers to your PDF questions. If you have been to one of our previous PDF Hackathons or PDF Camps, this event will be very similar. Bringing your own laptop will be necessary; the idea is that you bring up your production problems and project challenges. When registering for this event, please add your preferred subjects/input. Based on your requests, we will address different topics in 3 to 4 hands-on groups. The topics might be related to any of our products or to a more general PDF topic; for example:

  • How do I configure color conversion?
  • How do I do advanced Place content with lots of HTML/JavaScript programming?
  • How do I use the new pdfToolbox 9 features?
  • How to set up automated processing of PDFs, integrated into my environment?

You can bring your problem files, or your requirements for your next project, and a group will work on addressing these issues. Usually we will work on a topic for a few hours, so that you have enough time to participate in three or four groups over the course of the two days.

One of the exciting technologies we propose to spend time on and learn more about is Node-RED. It is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. It is based (as the name implies) on the Node.js library, which is a Javascript library built on the Chrome V8 Javascript engine that specializes in creating light-weight and efficient web servers.

Why do we want to look at this further?

  •  The Node.js library and the Node-RED platform are free. This makes it particularly easy to look into and from an implementation point of view the low cost of the platform allows more customization and integration work for projects.
  • Node-RED offers browser-based visual flow editing. This certainly is a very technical tool that will require advanced knowledge in Javascript to put to the best use, but the platform hasn’t forgotten ease of use.
  •  The flows you build in Node-RED can easily be shared between systems or even (through an online flow library) could be shared online.
  • Everything is built on Javascript, which is the language increasingly adopted by pdfToolbox in its template-based reports, place content templates, variables and more.

The event language will be English, but we all speak several languages and we will do our best to accommodate attendees that do not feel comfortable speaking English, e.g. by organizing German, Dutch or French speaking groups.

More information about this event and registration is available via this link:

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