Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults (Season 2)

27/03/2018 - 19/06/2018
Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults (Season 2)

At Four Pees and callas support, we deal with a wide range of questions from customers and partners. Many of those are interesting for everyone! In this webinar series, we delve into the support vaults and talk about interesting questions and problems, and their solutions of course.

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Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • Using a variable that let you select from a list
  • Libraries, possibilities and usage (incl. search across libraries, moving stuff, getting the default libraries back, exporting/importing ...)

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • How can you convert RGB to CMYK, but ignore gray/CMYK?
  • How can you do TAC reduction or ink saving in pdfToolbox?

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • How can you add a color bar along the bottom left of a PDF file (while using place content with a PDF or SVG file)?
  • How can you rotate a specific page in a PDF file?

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • How can you install multiple versions of pdfToolbox on the same machine, for example to test a new version that came out? What's the difference between installing a major version or a minor version? Do those versions interact with each other and what about compatibility between the different versions you have installed?
  • pdfToolbox is activated on particular hardware. If that hardware changes, how can you move your license from one computer to another computer?

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • pdfToolbox contains a complete imposition engine. It's not as powerful as for example Imp from InSoft, but it's probably more powerful than you imagine. Let's look at ways to use this imposition engine and some of the tasks it can be used for.

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