pdfToolbox 10 Day

pdfToolbox 10 Day

pdfToolbox is an essential part of many workflows in output management and prepress organizations worldwide. The further companies go with regards to automation, the more flexible and powerful their PDF solution needs to be.

pdfToolbox has always addressed this and the new version 10 drives it even further with more flexibility for the design of automated sequences and improved performance features. But not only that, it overcomes certain preflight and correction limitations that have been in place since preflighting was invented. And there are more new possibilities affecting almost all parts of pdfToolbox.

On May 16 2018, we will organize pdfToolbox 10 Day, as a post workshop to the PDF Days Europe, in Hotel Steglitz International in Berlin. It may, however, be booked separately by anyone even if not attending the PDF Days event.

At this event, we will give you an overview of the new pdfToolbox 10 features. We will show use cases for which they have been designed and give practical information about how they can be set up and used to drive PDF workflows beyond current limitations. Bear in mind that the language of communication will be English. The event will start at 10 AM and end at 5 PM.

pdfToolbox 10 Day is free for pdfToolbox Server/CLI/SDK users with Support and Maintenance Agreement:

If you don't have a Support and Maintenance Agreement, then you can buy your ticket here:

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