Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults (Season 2)

19/06/2018 - 28/08/2018
Webinars - Secrets from the support vaults (Season 2)

At Four Pees and callas support, we deal with a wide range of questions from customers and partners. Many of those are interesting for everyone! In this webinar series, we delve into the support vaults and talk about interesting questions and problems, and their solutions of course.

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Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • What are the options to create reports in multiple languages in pdfToolbox Server or CLI?
  • For pre-press people the built-in profiles are probably understandable, but for your clients they might not be so easy to understand ... What are your options if you want to change the items reported to the user?
  • Don't like how pdfToolbox writes out your preflight report, because the text is too technical or terms haven't been translated correctly in your language? Maybe you want to have a preflight report in a language that is not supported by pdfToolbox. Custom dicts to the rescue!

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • pdfToolbox has many ways to ensure no objects exist outside or inside a specific area. This includes using the "Remove objects outside" fixup, the regular "Remove Objects" fixup and masking in the "Shapes" fixup. How can these been used? What is the best when?

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • If images are too large, pdfToolbox has image downsampling capabilities to make them smaller. But can an image that is too low resolution be "up"sampled?
  • To process multiple PDF documents in the same way, pdfToolbox Desktop offers its "batch" mode. But callas software also has a product named "pdfToolbox Server" that provides real hot folder processing. What's the difference and what is possible with both methods?


Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • We will talk about basic CLI operation in callas pdfToolbox. pdfToolbox CLI (or Command-Line Interface) version allows easy integration of pdfToolbox technology in other applications. This is the preferred integration method of many customers building web-to-print or web-delivery portals. Get an overview of the CLI, find out where to find the details using the CLI itself or using the documentation and more!

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • One of the difficult things in PDF documents are fonts. How are these embedded in PDF documents? What can go wrong with them and what options does pdfToolbox give you to correct potential problems?

Product: callas pdfToolbox

  • Nothing is so annoying as ruining your original test files while you're creating a complex fixup or process plan. In pdfToolbox 10 you can resolve this and work much faster thanks to the new "Test" mode.

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