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Quality control never is an easy topic. Luckily, we have the solution to your problem!

How about a tool that tells you exactly what problems a PDF file has? Wait! How about a tool that fixes the majority of those problems automatically? Does that sound good? We thought so …

That tool has a name: it’s called pdfToolbox. It is used in thousands of workflows worldwide to detect and fix bad PDF documents.

We bet you have some thoughts …

It can’t be that easy, can it?
Well, yes, it can. pdfToolbox detects all common pre-press problems. And yes, it can fix almost all of them!

I have no time to figure this out.
Let us help! We’ll set up a short online demo for you where we can answer your questions straight away.

I get too many files to look at all of them.
You don’t have to! pdfToolbox can use hot folders, or it can be fully integrated into a larger workflow.

Do I really need a tool just for quality control?
Well, yes, because mistakes are expensive. But, no, pdfToolbox doesn’t just do that! It can perform lots of other tasks as well, such as imposition, color conversion, tiling, outlining fonts, adding margins, scaling …

So, let us help you!

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