DeviceLink Add-on for pdfToolbox Desktop

The callas DeviceLink Add-on is a comprehensive set of specially prepared DeviceLink profiles to perform color transformations of complete PDF files. This way the colors of a PDF file prepared for a different printing condition can be transformed to meet the needs of the actual printing condition.

Our DeviceLink profiles take care that pure colors do not get “polluted” and elements in gray stay gray.

It is a payable option of callas pdfToolbox and therefore not available as a separate download. To activate it a licensed version of callas pdfToolbox is has to be installed.

To try out the callas DeviceLink Add-on please download callas pdfToolbox.

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DeviceLink profiles

DeviceLink Profiles are a special form of ICC profiles, which offer a color transformation from source to destination in ONE profile. This way, each color of the source color space is directly transformed to a certain color in the destination color space.
DeviceLink profiles are certified by the ICC (International Color Consortium).
callas DeviceLink Add-on is delivered with a package of the most common DeviceLink profiles but also offers the possibility to install your own. Please find a list of profiles here.

Advantages of DeviceLink profiles

DeviceLink profiles complement the usage of regular ICC profiles to avoid weaknesses of a color conversion based on ICC profiles for certain tasks. These weaknesses mainly are the CMYK to CMYK transformation and e.g. the preservation of pure black text in a picture.

A CMYK to CMYK transformation with ICC profiles always is performed via the device independent Lab color space, which leads to a complete reseparation of the data with partly unpredictable and unwanted results. This does not happen with DeviceLink profiles, which offer a direct control of color composition.

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