Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: Checkpoint

In any automated workflow, problem files and the fact that they must be investigated and or fixed manually, proves to be a difficult step to implement. While pdfToolbox can often correct as much the vast majority of the incoming PDF files, unavoidably some PDF files need manual intervention. With pdfToolbox 7, this manual intervention step is built right into the Server and Desktop applications.

Problem files can be kept in a “waiting room” within pdfToolbox Server instead of moving them immediately to the error folder. Operators using pdfToolbox Desktop see that list of problem files right inside their pdfToolbox interface; they can open those files on their desktop machine, inspect or modify them using the pdfToolbox tools and decide to reject them, overrule potential erros or approve a corrected version. pdfToolbox Server keeps track of who checked the PDF file out to avoid multiple operators losing time by looking at the same file, and moves the files to the success or error output folder based on the operator’s decision.