Activation procedure for pdfToolbox SDK

Step by step instructions on how to activate pdfToolbox SDK. Background To use any callas product on a...

Webinar - What's new in pdfaPilot 7?

Thumbnail - What's new in pdfaPilot 7?
Recently callas software released version 7 of pdfaPilot. The latest release of this long-established software solution for converting files to PDF/A and validating them is now also compatible with veraPDF. The expanded...

Webinar - What's new in pdfChip 1.2?

Thumbnail - What's new in pdfChip 1.2?
The pdfChip 1.2 update focuses on ease-of-use and implements improvements for barcode and SVG workflows. We held an English webinar to introduce you to pdfChip 1.2.

Webinar - Building a pdfToolbox Place Content template from scratch

Thumbnail - Building a pdfToolbox Place Content template from scratch
The place content technology in pdfToolbox uses HTML templates to determine what gets added to your PDF documents. Creating such a template for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, even if you have some understanding of HTML, CSS and...

Webinar - An introduction to pdfToolbox 9.1

Thumbnail - An introduction to pdfToolbox 9.1
pdfToolbox 9.1 adds support for the Processing Steps standard, includes a new version of the Adobe PDF library and extends several main pdfToolbox features, such as the shape technology, place content and process plan. David van Driessche, CTO...

Missing Profiles after upgrading from pdfToolbox Server/CLI 8 to 9

Symptoms Some customers (especially when using Enfocus Switch) may miss some Profiles in the "/cli/var/Profiles" folder structure of the callas pdfToolbox Server/CLI 9 installation folder after upgrading from version...

Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 9?

Thumbnail - What's new in pdfToolbox 9?
Of course pdfToolbox 9 adds many possibilities for preflighting and correcting PDF documents. What would you expect from the most-used preflight solution on the market? But we know you need to do more, and pdfToolbox 9 is...

Tutorial - Create a Switchboard Action to be used in a Process Plan

Background Process Plans allow you to run profiles, checks and fixups, but you can also create your own actions to be executed as part of the processing. How are these actions created? In this tutorial I will show you  how to...

Webinar - Evolutions in preflight standards

Thumbnail - Evolutions in preflight standards
15 years ago, the first preflight standard for PDF was invented. Since that ‘invention’ of the PDF/X-1a standard, things have involved quite a bit and today it can be challenging to find out which standard to use best. During...

Keyboard shortcuts for pdfaPilot

For some functionality callas pdfaPilot offers the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts. callas pdfaPilot