Export an Ad as CMYK image PDF

Especially newspaper producer are familiar with the occasional display that is causing nothing but headache. All parts of the workflow get a hiccup when processing a problematic file. The file...

Add new printing condition (Output Intent) for PDF/X export

This lesson explains how to set up custom Output Intents which can be used e.g. for PDF/X conversion. PDF/X-1a Switchboard action

Use own DeviceLink-Profiles

For callas pdfToolbox there are two DeviceLink-Addon packages with numerous, specially generates profiles available as a separate purchadeable license to perform color conversion between...

Video tutorial - Activating pdfToolbox

In this 10-minute tutorial, David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees, shows you how to activate trial or full licenses of pdfToolbox Desktop and Server.

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: X-height

Specifically for packaging workflows, a new preflight check can accurately check the x-height of text. This is especially important in light of the new EU regulation for text size on packaging...

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: Cropping

Hard cropping of images. The non-visible parts of images are removed to make the overall file smaller (and avoid problems with content that is not visible but could be retrieved using PDF editing...

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: Remove objects

Removing arbitrary page elements. This for example allows easily removing a die line or all elements using a particular spot color.

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: Metadata

Removing all metadata from PDF documents – the new fix up even allows removing object level metadata, which can bloat PDF files considerably.

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: Transparency flattening

Transparency flattening is still unavoidable in many of today’s production workflows; while pdfToolbox has always provided top-notch transparency flattening, pdfToolbox 7 uses updated Adobe...

Video tutorial - pdfToolbox 7 feature: New preflight report

For your clients, the preflight report listing errors and warnings is often the only contact they have with your production workflow; that makes such reports essential in conveying the proper...