callas pdfToolbox Desktop

€625.00 ex VAT

callas pdfToolbox Desktop is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight and correction application on the market. You can fix PDF problems during preflight or with a click of the button in the Switchboard. Flatten transparency, convert fonts to outlines, convert office documents or even PostScript directly into PDF, compare versions of PDFs, visualize ink coverage … No task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox Desktop!


  • The Desktop can be installed on both Mac and Windows, but can only be used by 1 user at the same time.

You can find more information here.

NOTE: As of June 14th we have entered the grace period for pdfToolbox as we will be launching pdfToolbox 14 on September 14th. This means that if you buy pdfToolbox 13 Desktop during this period, you are entitled to a free upgrade to pdfToolbox 14 when it comes out. You can contact to claim your upgrade to v14 after it was released on September 30 2022.

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