Electronic Document Conference

17 - 18/06/2019
Electronic Document Conference

The Electronic Document Conference (EDC) takes place in Seattle, United States on June 17-18, 2019. The event is intended for product managers, developers and other technical users evaluating electronic document technologies and operating PDF workflows. Document workflow and file formats are two topics that will receive ample treatment, and let that be something callas software excels in!

As PDF Association member, callas software gets the opportunity to give two educational sessions:

  • PDF’s ISO-standardized subsets - a tour
    PDF based standards, such as PDF/A and PDF/X, play an important role in various industries, and there are a few more. Why are there so many different standards? What are their USPs? Which of these standards have changed industries and what alternative formats exist? Is it possible to comply with all of them, and how?
  • Email archival in PDF - how does that make sense?
    What are the reasons to consider archiving email as PDF? What problems can be addressed? What opportunities can be created? What new problems arise? What are the fundamental advantages, capabilities and decisions an implementer should consider? This session offers some recommendations and considerations for best practice.

For more information, have a look at the agenda!

Grab this opportunity and get your ticket at $ 295 (VAT excl.). If you are a PDF Association member, a government institution or an educational establishment, you can get your ticket by a reduced price. Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided throughout both conference days.

Good news, you can receive a discount of $ 50 when you enter our promo code. If you're interested, please contact us!