Colors in pdfToolbox 11

Color conversions remain an essential part of many workflows. This session at the VIP Event in Riga presents new possibilities to handling color conversions with or without variables and how to solve related overprint problems.

01:55 - RGB to Gray conversion
04:08 - Demo: RGB to Gray conversion in a Process Plan
08:10 - New control for ‘Convert colors’ Fixup
14:00 - ‘Advanced settings’ with legacy Profiles (with older versions)
14:45 - Two new ‘Map colors’ variant Fixups
18:18 - Demo: New ‘Map colors’ Fixups
20:52 - Demo 1: Overprint issues with 'Convert all spot colors to CMYK’
23:55 - Demo 2: Overprint issues with 'Convert all spot colors to CMYK’
25:30 - Overprint rules for CMYK
29:50 - Problem statement
31:00 - Solution
31:58 - New Predefined Profiles in pdfToolbox 11


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