Webinar - Remove objects outside of a page box

In this webinar, we will talk about removing objects outside a page box in pdfToolbox. pdfToolbox has many ways to ensure no objects exist outside or inside a specific area. This includes using the 'Remove objects outside' fixup, using the regular 'Remove Objects' fixup, using masking in the 'Shapes' fixup. How can these been used? What is the best when?

03:08 - Displaying names and outlines of page boxes in pdfToolbox
06:17 - Highlighting the Trim Box using various Fixups in pdfToolbox
17:38 - Removing content outside of the Trim Box
18:08 - "Remove objects outside of page area" Fixup in pdfToolbox
22:35 - Using the "Remove objects" Fixup together with a preflight Check
27:55 - Using the "Remove objects" Fixup together with a preflight Check using the Sifter functionality in pdfToolbox 10
32:25 - Using the "Create and apply shapes" Fixup to clip content to a page box
35:28 - Removing objects outside of an irregular cutline using the Sifter functionality "Objects outside shape" in pdfToolbox 10
41:00 - Summary


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