Webinar - The first steps in pdfToolbox

Are you already familiar with pdfToolbox? This powerful PDF preflight and correction application is very easy to use and performs well if it comes to workflow tasks. In pdfToolbox Desktop, you can fix PDF problems manually during preflight, whereas in pdfToolbox Server you can do this fully automated!

In this webinar, we will show you how you can check in pdfToolbox whether or not your PDF files are ready to be printed.

01:07 - Using pdfToolbox Desktop
01:43 - Showing and hiding the PDF Page Boxes in the pdfToolbox viewer
02:06 - Using the Switchboard Actions in pdfToolbox 11
04:25 - Converting colors in the pdfToolbox Switchboard
05:53 - Using Arrange actions to duplicate pages and execute simple impositions
08:30 - Imposing a book using the pdfToolbox Impose action and an existing imposition scheme
10:13 - pdfToolbox Switchboard actions for Large Format
12:26 - PDF/X standard compliance from the Switchboard
13:43 - pdfToolbox Checks
15:46 - Creating your own pdfToolbox Checks
20:13 - Combining different pdfToolbox Check Properties to create more detailed Checks
21:19 - Creating an "OR" Check that will hit on any of its properties
21:43 - pdfToolbox Fixups
22:50 - Using "Apply to" to determine the objects a Fixup affects using a Check
24:43 - pfToolbox Profiles
25:08 - Editing an existing Profile to use for yourself
26:55 - Creating a preflight report
27:55 - Checks, Fixups and Profiles summary
28:40 - pdfToolbox Process Plans
32:35 - pdfToolbox Visualizers
35:27 - Differences between pdfToolbox versions
36:55 - Bleed for irregular shapes in pdfToolbox 11
39:50 - Export dielines as DXF, CF2 or SVG


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