Merging PDF contents

Add a letter head draft to pdfToolbox, so that any letter may then be combined with the letter head in order to being sent as PDF file. Open Letter.odt

Flexible processing with dynamic variables

Sometimes it is necessary to check against different values each time a check or fixup is carried out. As pdfToolbox offers dynamic checks and fixups – through the use of dynamic variables – there is no need to create separate checks and...

Cropping pages and making use of dynamic variables

pdfToolbox offers a very flexible fixup to adjust the crop box, as well as other geometry aspects, of pages in a PDF file. This lesson explains how to use the fixup, and how to create a fixup with dynamic variables, so that the same...

Create print ready PDF from Office file

This lesson shows a convenient way to convert an OpenOffice document into a print ready PDF that is in conformance with a PDF/X standard and has bleed where needed. Start callas pdfToolbox

Split brochure pages in half

If you receive a PDF that has left and right page of a brochure on just a single PDF page you would want to cut it in the middle in order to prepare it for imposition. First page of a brochure

Export PDF to PostScript Level 2 EPS

Especially in some newspaper workflows, files still have to be processed as EPS PostScript Level 2 files at least in parts of the workflow. pdfToolbox offers a very easy way to convert PDF files to EPS with the click of a...

Export an Ad as CMYK image PDF

Especially newspaper producer are familiar with the occasional display that is causing nothing but headache. All parts of the workflow get a hiccup when processing a problematic file. The file is either not processed at all or its output...

Add new printing condition (Output Intent) for PDF/X export

This lesson explains how to set up custom Output Intents which can be used e.g. for PDF/X conversion. PDF/X-1a Switchboard action

Use own DeviceLink-Profiles

For callas pdfToolbox there are two DeviceLink-Addon packages with numerous, specially generates profiles available as a separate purchadeable license to perform color conversion between different printing conditions.  More...