VIP Event

12 - 14/11/2018
VIP Event

Il VIP Event è un evento formativo organizzato da axaio software, callas software e Four Pees. È aperto a tutti coloro che vogliono acquisire una conoscenza pratica e un’esperienza diretta su callas pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot e pdfChip, axaio MadeToPrint e MadeToTag, Insoft Imp, Aleyant tFLOW e Pressero, Creative Edge iC3D, Laidback FileTrain, e tutti gli altri prodotti distribuiti da Four Pees.

L’evento si terrà a Berlino dal 12 al 14 novembre. Durante i primi due giorni ci saranno sessioni parallele di formazione tecnica e approfondimenti sulla stampa, l’editoria e il packaging. Il terzo giorno prevede corsi personalizzati. Avrai la possibilità unica di seguire dei corsi su ognuno dei nostri prodotti. Facci sapere su quali argomenti vorresti ricevere formazione: faremo in modo di programmarli nell’agenda dell’evento.

Acquista il tuo biglietto!

Sei quasi in ritardo! Puoi acquistare il biglietto solo fino al 1 novembre 2018. Non mancare la scadenza!

  • Iscrizione posticipata fino al 1 novembre 2018: € 449 per partecipante (19% IVA esclusa, camera esclusa)

Che cosa è incluso nella tariffa?

  • Cena dell’11 novembre 2018
  • Accesso a tutte le sessioni del seminario, dove potrai conoscere gli sviluppatori, i product manager e i manager dei nostri produttori di software
  • Coffee break, pranzo, evento serale e cena del 12 novembre 2018
  • Coffee break, pranzo del 13 novembre 2018
  • Sessioni di formazione con gli sviluppatori e i product manager del 14 novembre 2018
  • Coffee break, pranzo del 14 novembre 2018

Se vuoi portare un/a partner a Berlino, la tariffa di partecipazione è di € 199 (19% IVA esclusa). La tariffa include l’evento e le cene dell’11 e 12 novembre.

Che cosa c’è in programma?

Lunedì - il 12 novembre 2018
Ora Sylt 2-4 Sylt 5
09:15 Accoglienza con caffè

Welcome & Logistics

Welcome and practical details about the VIP Event.

(Presentatori: David van Driessche & Dietrich von Seggern)


What's new?

This yearly returning session introduces noteworthy changes to the presented applications and provides an overview of what is going to be discussed during the VIP Event.

(Presentatori: Olaf Drümmer, Dietrich von Seggern, Karina Zander & David van Driessche)

11:00 Pausa

What's new since pdfToolbox 10.0?

Major releases bring many new features, but there are always things that don't make the cut. This session gives an overview of all features added to pdfToolbox after the release of pdfToolbox 10.0.

(Presentatori: Akash Choudhary & Marc Heusmann)

An introduction to pdfToolbox

Not so familiar with what pdfToolbox can actually do in your workflow? This session gives an overview of what you can and cannot do in pdfToolbox. No details here, but the big lines to help you understand what you are dealing with. The ideal session if you are new to pdfToolbox!

(Presentatore: David van Driessche)

12:00 Pausa

Using DeviceLinks in pdfToolbox

DeviceLink profiles are specialized ICC Profiles that are very useful for color conversions, TAC reductions or ink save. This session goes into the theory behind them, but also explains how and where in pdfToolbox you can use them and - most importantly - what is new in there ...

(Presentori: Hanspeter Harpf & Dietrich von Seggern)

Getting your hands dirty with pdfToolbox

If you followed "An introduction to pdfToolbox", sit through this one as well to get your hands dirty and dive into the details of pdfToolbox. This session will be introductory level, and focus on many of the new features in pdfToolbox 9 and 10.

(Presentatore: Olaf Drümmer)

13:00 Pranzo

The Great PDF Show

Do you know how many characters there are in the PDF specification, what color socks John Warnock wore when he invented PDF or what the difference is between OCG, OCCD and OCMD? Then you might stand a chance in this fast-paced quiz!

(Presentatori: David van Driessche & Dietrich von Seggern)

14:45 Pausa

The License Server: License to process

At the release of pdfToolbox 10, callas also introduced the License Server. This session goes into the details of how to use the License Server, what it can do and what it cannot do.

(Presentatori: Dietrich von Seggern, Ulrich Frotscher & Klim Kavaliou)

New MadeToPrint workflow possibilities & features

Learn new ways to use MadeToPrint to standardize & automate printing processes for more reliability from within InDesign, Illustrator, XPress and more. Not to forget: see what happened in MadeToPrint in the last 12 months!

(Presentatore: René Treuber)

15:45 Pausa

The callas software GitHub repository

Last year, we introduced a temporary GitHub account that was used to maintain a new Place Content template. This year, the callas GitHub account goes live and it handles much more. This session gives an overview of why callas uses a public GitHub account, what you can find there and how to best use it.

(Presentatori: David van Driessche & Ulrich Frotscher)

Create your own online storefront with Pressero

As a web-to-print system, Pressero is easy to configure, yet much more powerful than would seem at first glance. This session shows an example Pressero implementation and explains from A to Z how to configure what typical customers today are looking for.

(Presentatore: Tom Peire)

16:45 Pausa

Getting multi-color right

N-channel color spaces become more and more popular, for example in digital printing. How well does PDF support n-channel color spaces? Does CxF/X-4 help at all? What options does the color conscious PDF user have today?

(Presentatore: Olaf Drümmer)

A short history of the world

And more specifically, of the world of PDF and callas software. Where does the current product range come from? How did it evolve? How did PDF itself evolve? How does the GWG and standardization in general fit into that picture? What's the relevance of standards and how does that affect callas software and pdtToolbox?

(Presentatori: Dietrich von Seggern & David van Driessche)


Attività di sera:

Quest'anno, vorremmo mostrarvi il Giardino Zoologico di Berlino ... di notte! Vi accompagneremo in un Pocket Light Tour nell'acquario. Pronto a vivere lo zoo dopo la chiusura dei cancelli?

Dopo una passeggiata di 90 minuti nel Giardino Zoologico di Berlino, gusteremo un pasto di tre portate nel ristorante italiano "Nuovo Mario". Buon appetito!

Martedì - il 13 novembre 2018
Ora Sylt 2-4 Sylt 5

An introduction to JavaScript (part 1)

Javascript is more and more used in pdfToolbox. If you have no background in Javascript or scripting, this session will give you an introduction. Expect background on the Javascript language, different programming constructs, tips & tricks and more!

(Presentatori: David van Driessche & Ulrich Frotscher)

Tagged & accessible PDF creation with MadeToTag - New features & enhancements

Learn about the progress MadeToTag has made over the past year to help customers meet their requirements to create accessible PDF from within InDesign even better.

(Presentatore: René Treuber)

09:45 Pausa

An introduction to JavaScript (part 2)

Javascript is more and more used in pdfToolbox. If you have no background in Javascript or scripting, this session will give you an introduction. Expect background on the Javascript language, different programming constructs, tips & tricks and more!

(Presentatori: David van Driessche & Ulrich Frotscher)

User stories: Customers using pdfChip

There are some very interesting pdfChip projects going on and we would like to talk about them in this session.

(Presentatori: Jan Wiebensohn & Dietrich von Seggern)

10:45 Pausa

User story: Master profiles & their implementation

Creating profiles is often the longest part of a pdfToolbox implementation; making profiles generate user-understandable reports the most difficult part. In this session, Peter and Dirk talk about how they solved both problems.

(Presentatori: Peter Kleinheider & Dirk Simanek)

Generation of accessible PDF forms in InDesign for a British public agency

This presentation will show in a practical example how MadeToTag can help you to create PDF/UA compliant forms in a more comfortable and efficient way, from a basis of InDesign forms where accessibility was never taken into consideration

(Presentatore: Britta Grønning)

11:45 Pausa

pdfToolbox: an IDE for profile development

Profiles and process plans can become quite complex and pdfToolbox has a lot of built-in functionality to help you test these and debug them when you are not quite getting what you thought you should be getting. This session gets you going with those debugging/testing tools.

(Presentatori: Dietrich von Seggern & Ulrich Frotscher)

Catch every single mistake with Quality Control Platform

Over the last years, Global Vision completely reorganized its product line. The new Quality Control Platform incorporates the previously independent software solutions into one platform where you can pick and choose which options you need. This session will also go into the new Color Inspection module.

(Presentatore: Michiel Van den Saffele)

13:00 Pranzo

Being transparant about transparency

Opacity, blend modes, transparency groups and more! Transparency is not for the faint of heart. This session dives into the details of what transparency is, how it is defined and what you can encounter as problems with files using it.

(Presentatori: Dietrich von Seggern)

Imp, one tool to impose them all

Over the last years, Imp has become an important tool in our tool chest for automation of print sheet optimation. This session goes into more details about the options of Imp in various workflows.

(Presentatore: David van Driessche)

14:45 Pausa

Wrap up

Want to see which of your wishes of last year made it into the product planning? Want to decide what you want us to spend time on? Then this session is your chance to do so …

(Presentatori: Olaf Drümmer, Dietrich von Seggern, Tom Peire, David van Driessche & Karina Zander)

16:00 Fine

Durante il terzo giorno potrai seguire sessioni di formazione sui prodotti che preferisci. Scrivici per segnalare su quali prodotti vuoi ricevere formazione: faremo in modo di organizzare delle sessioni per te il 14 novembre. Iniziamo alle 9:00 e finiamo alle 16:00.

Per i partecipanti che arrivano domenica 11 novembre, organizzeremo una bella cena presso il ristorante vietnamita Cao Cao.

Dove si farà l’evento?

L’evento si farà al Golden Tulip di Berlino (Germania). Questo hotel a 4 stelle si trova nel centro della capitale, vicino al Kurfürstendamm, al KaDeWe e al Giardino Zoologico: il posto ideale per visitare Berlino!

Le sessioni saranno nel nuovo ed esclusivo Convention Place: Sylt 2-4 and Sylt 5. Le sale conferenze sono equipaggiate con le ultime tecnologie di presentazione, e sono accessibili direttamente dall’hotel.

Dove si può alloggiare?

Se vuoi prenotare una camera nell’hotel, abbiamo concordato una tariffa speciale per le notti del 11, 12 e 13 novembre. Il prezzo è di € 120 per camera singola a notte.

La tariffa dell’hotel include:

  • Colazione
  • Wi-Fi gratuito

Se preferite arrivare prima o rimanere più a lungo, l'hotel può offrire le stesse tariffe in base alla disponibilità. In questo caso, dovrete fare la prenotazione da soli: