DeviceLink Add-on for pdfToolbox Server

The callas DeviceLink Add-on Server enables you to perform conversions via the supplied DeviceLink profiles. It is a locked option of the callas pdfToolbox Server and therefore not available as a separate download. To activate it - a...

List of integrated DeviceLink profiles in pdfToolbox


Release notes callas pdfaPilot 1

pdfaPilot 1.3.080 Release date: 2009-03-27 Features New conversion features Option added to remove XMP Metadata that is not compatible with PDF/A Correction to add the Type...

Requirements for conversions to PDF

pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot offer the possibility to convert several file formats to PDF. Click on the product you would like to use for conversions:

Paths to the pdfToolbox user folder

The following paths are the folders for callas pdfToolbox Server 8: Windows CLI: %APPDATA%\callas software\callas pdfToolbox CLI 8 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\callas software\callas pdfToolbox CLI...

How to integrate callas pdfToolbox with Enfocus Switch?

The Enfocus Switch product line allows automating a series of “best of breed” applications in a visual and very user-friendly way. Of course the pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox products integrate into Switch. This integration happens through...

Installing on Mac OS

Question: During installation, I got a warning that the developer cannot be confirmed? Answer: callas software is a registered developer at Apple for MacOS. Due to some quite strict security settings...

Video tutorial - Activating pdfToolbox

In this 10-minute tutorial, David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees, shows you how to activate trial or full licenses of pdfToolbox Desktop and Server.

Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 6?

callas software held a pre-release webinar where some of the new features of pdfToolbox 6 were shown, which you can view below.

Webinar - pdfToolbox Desktop features

David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees held an English webinar on February 5, 2013 on callas pdfToolbox Desktop features.