callas software releases pdfToolbox 14.1

24 janv. 2023 By Cindy Van Luyck

Minor update adds interesting small features

Berlin, January 24, 2023 – callas software, the market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, today releases a minor update to its flagship pdfToolbox product line. The 14.1 update of callas pdfToolbox mostly corrects identified problems with the pdfToolbox 14 release that came out last year, but also adds a few additional features. In tandem with it, callas also released the first version of new training material for pdfToolbox.

Profile and process plan updates

For those who want to build automated workflows to deliver profile or process plan updates to their workflows or end-users, pdfToolbox 14.1 adds the capability to do bulk export of profiles. This new feature allows users to select as many profiles or process plans as they want, spanning multiple libraries, and exporting them in one go into a ZIP archive.

This archive could then be dropped into automation software, for example based on the GIT build system, to further handle the updated profiles. Using the capabilities of GIT deployment workflows, the ZIP archive can be uncompressed, the individual profiles can be brought under version control and ultimately deployed with just a few clicks.

Creating link annotations

pdfToolbox already contained a feature to search for specific text and create link annotations (hyperlinks) in a PDF document for that text. Two new fixups now also allow you to search for objects using a preflight check, and overlay them with a link annotation, or, more generically, create a link annotation at a particular area of a page.

A great example of the new technology is the ability to use pdfToolbox to search for QR codes and decode the URLs contained in them. The new fixup can then be used in a process plan to overlay each QR code with a link annotation that has the same target as the text encoded in the QR code. Making it ideal to repurpose print documents for digital use.

New training material for profile creation

The most important part of pdfToolbox undoubtedly is profiles and process plans. Understanding how these function, and how you can build them yourself, is crucial to using the full power of the application.

To this end, callas created PDF-based self-training material focused on the topic of profile creation. This can be downloaded directly from the callas online help pages at, or directly from the following page:

Using a series of exercises with solutions and explanations provided, you can go from creating checks and fixups to understanding how profiles and process plans work at your own pace.

Availability and price

callas pdfToolbox 14.1 is a free update for everyone who is using pdfToolbox 14 already. It is available today from the callas software web site.

Customers with an older version of callas pdfToolbox or with further inquiries regarding availability, price, options or return on investment, please contact the callas software distribution partner, Four Pees at Download a fully functional time-limited trial version here.

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