Practical advice on using 2 of the most used PDF subset standards

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Print needs to be personal:

The world of marketing has changed. Print is only one of the channels and communication mostly happens using social media, email, websites etc. But print has changed too. The amount of printed paper is, on the one hand ,decreasing but there are many expanding print areas such as packaging, label or large format print. And lots of print does now take place on digital printing machines - which is important to survive in the concert of marketing channels…

Print in an “omni channel marketing strategy” often needs to be individual and that is indeed possible using high speed digital print. Therefore today’s printed marketing communication uses individual names of the addressee and often more changed content, e.g. different images depending on the type of addressee.

But individualized print requires not only high speed printing machines - it also put some requirements on the PDFs to be printed. In essence they have to be processed (ripped) as quickly as these machines can print. And for that process the “inner qualities” of PDF files play an important role.

This session will talk about inner PDF structures and how they have an impact on processing speed on a printing machines. Introducing best practice guides for variable data print recently publishes by the PDF Association it in addition provides practical advice on what to do and what to avoid in such PDFs.

Make your PDF/A conversion easier:

A good PDF to PDF/A converter almost always finds its way to convert to PDF/A. But sometimes these ways have to be rather complicated and have to cut off more of the original feature richness of the PDF than necessary. In rare cases it may even fail. What does that have to do with the different PDF/A variants?

PDF/A standards have been around for a long time now, the first one in the form of PDF/A-1 being introduced in 2005. Since then, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3 and PDF/A-4 have been released as well. (And no, the A-1 in PDF/A-1 doesn’t mean it is the ‘BEST’ PDF/A version). But how do you know which version to pick for your conversion needs? The answer lies primarily in that question- ‘your conversion needs’…

I am hopeful that this presentation will give you practical reasons in the form of different PDF/A variants to make your PDF/A conversion easier.

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