callas heads for CEBIT 2018 with two major updates

16 Mai 2018


Berlin, May 22, 2018 – callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, will present its new releases pdfaPilot 8 and pdfToolbox 10 at CEBIT, at stand E20 in hall 15. pdfaPilot 8 focuses on expanded format conversion options, improved cloud integration and greater flexibility when automatically processing PDF files. Meanwhile, pdfToolbox 10 more importantly contains new prepress automation and preflighting features. The new release also makes it possible to analyze objects in the context of their wider environment.

pdfaPilot 8 offers expanded range of PDF processing and conversion options

pdfaPilot, callas software’s well-established software for converting files to PDF/A and validating them, can now also process all emails in RTF format, as well as other Office formats such as WordPerfect. It is also possible to reliably convert files based on the new PDF 2.0 standard to PDF 1.X or to PDF/A.

The new ‘Sifter’ feature solves any problems that used to arise with overlapping objects, as it detects hidden objects so that they can be removed. callas software has also integrated new PDF processing features into pdfaPilot 8, allowing users to move groups of pages around within a PDF file or reorganize them.

In addition, the new release offers further analytical tools, such as more ways to view the internal technical structure of a PDF file. Parts of files can then be saved as new PDFs. Users can also compare individual processing Profiles, or Profiles collected together in Libraries, improving the visibility of various Profile variants and making them easier to maintain.

In addition to all of this, pdfaPilot 8 features new options for editing or validating PDF files, including more flexibility for configuring Process Plans.

Milestone pdfToolbox release provides the next step in preflighting

The highlight of pdfToolbox 10 is a flexible, high-performance and comprehensive preflight engine which checks the relationships between objects in a file. This technology can be used to recognize for example trimming issues, check whether an object is inside or outside a dieline, or determine whether black set to knock-out can be ignored since there are no objects underneath it.

As with pdfaPilot 8, pdfToolbox uses the ‘Sifter’ technology, or “Context-aware preflight” technology for this purpose. It also plays a critical role in supporting the new ISO standards for Processing steps, standardizes identification of objects associated with production processes or printing, such as dielines.

Another focus for pdfToolbox 10 is improved preflight reports. The design and content of these can be customized using templates, and pdfToolbox makes it easier to create preflight reports in languages that the software itself does not support. Additionally, users can create alternative formulations for the error messages provided in reports; for example, to simplify descriptions of issues.

Process Plans, allowing step-by-step execution of Profiles, Checks, Fixups and Actions for a PDF document, now also offer more flexible management options in pdfToolbox 10. For example, users can create a Process Plan that generates a production version and a proofing version of an incoming PDF document, or design a Process Plan that references another Process Plan. pdfToolbox10 ships with a wide range of advancements in other areas as well: the new version is cloud-ready, allowing users to make the most of the automatic scaling of resources provided by modern cloud services. Newly integrated QuickCheck functionality delivers basic information about a PDF in a fraction of a second. And test mode helps users to create Profiles and Process Plans by letting them test these using a copy of a PDF file without changing the original file.

About callas software

callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges. As a technology innovator, callas software develops and markets PDF technology for publishing, print production, document exchange and document archiving. callas software helps agencies, publishing companies and printers to meet the challenges they face by providing software to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for print production and electronic publishing. Businesses and government agencies all over the world rely on callas software’s future-proof, fully PDF/A compliant archiving products. In addition, callas software technology is available as a programming library (SDK) for developers with a need for PDF optimization, validation and correction. Software vendors such as Adobe®, Quark®, Xerox® and many others have recognized the quality and flexibility provided by these callas tools and have incorporated them into their solutions.

callas software actively supports international standards and has been participating in DIN, ISO, CIP4, the European Color Initiative, the PDF Association. BITKOM and the Ghent Workgroup. In addition, callas software is a founding member of the PDF Association.

callas software is based in Berlin, Germany. For more information, visit the callas software website at:

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