Privacy Policy

Your personal details

While doing business with you, there are situations in which it makes sense that we collect, process and store your details. This includes not only information about your company (company name, address, type of business you’re in …), but also information about yourself (name, email address, the products you’re interested in …).

Please be assured that whenever we ask for your personal details, we will clearly mention why we need them. And we will only ask for the information we really need in order to help you as best we can.

Do we share your personal details?

Of course, we will never sell your personal details, but it might make sense to share some of your personal details with third parties to, mainly to bring you in contact with a local partner (integrator, distributor, reseller or consultant) in order to help you with your request. Rest assured that we only share what is absolutely necessary and that our partners are as committed to your privacy as we are.

How can you see and modify your personal details?

Your information is maintained by callas software or by our exclusive international distributor Four Pees. At any time, you can contact us by sending an email to in order to see all information that we have about you.

You can always ask us to update or remove your personal details. Keep in mind that we might have to retain certain personal details to comply with our contractual obligations with you, or because it is required by law. If that is the case, we will clearly communicate so with you.

Of course, you will not be charged for this!

Marketing communication

When requesting your personal details, we might ask for your approval to use your personal details for marketing purposes, mainly to send you email newsletters. We aspire to keep such communication relevant for you!

Don’t forget you remain in control at all times! If you would like to change your preferences (contact details, language or the products you would like to receive information on) or if you no longer wish to receive any marketing communication from us, we will make this easy for you. Each email clearly states how to change your preferences or how to opt out of further such communication.

The fact that you unsubscribe on our marketing communication won’t have any influence on our business with you or on the quality of support you will receive.


We use cookies on our website to store information about you to:

  • Gather information about your visit on our website. We collect this information on an anonymous basis, so this can never be traced back to you as a person. We use it to find out what content is popular and what can be done to improve our website.
  • Improve your experience on our website. This includes your preferred language and your login details.

You can disable cookies in your browser, and this won’t have an influence on the overall working of the website. Once you blocked the cookies, the website won’t remember your preferred language or login details though.

Any questions left?

We made an effort to make our privacy policy easy to understand. However, if you have any questions left or if you would like to raise a concern, please contact us in the most convenient way for you:

By email

By mail

callas software
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