License options

The products of callas software are available for different use cases:

  • From individual, interactive file handling to high volume, fully automated, and scalable environments.
  • You can use your license for production or development purposes.
  • Maybe you process files for in-house use or as a payable service.

This may influence the license type you require. The information below describes all possibilities! The legal license information is covered by the Terms & Conditions. For more information or pricing, please contact your local reseller or callas’ distributor Four Pees.



The Desktop versions are intended for interactive use on a workstation. They run on MacOS and Windows. The user will typically open a file in the Desktop product and process that one file. There is also the possibility to select up to 100 files for batch processing. A desktop license can be installed on two computer systems of the same user as long as they are not used at the same time.


The Server versions allow for centralized, automated, unattended processing through hot folders. A Server license comes with a free Desktop license that allows for local and remote configuration and provides a processing overview on all local or remote Server queues. While the Desktop component will only run on MacOS or Windows, the Server component can be installed on MacOS, Windows, Linux, AIX, and Sun Solaris.


The CLI versions allow for the callas technology to be accessed through a Command-Line Interface. This makes it easy to integrate the callas functionality into your own application or website. The CLI is available on MacOS, Windows, Linux, AIX and Sun Solaris.


The callas Software Development Kit is a C/C++ library that comes with wrapper interfaces for Java and .NET. It allows you to embed the callas functionality into your own native applications.

Server/CLI/SDK Unlimited

The Standard license of the Server, CLI and SDK products is limited to 8 simultaneous processes (hardware permitting), the Unlimited license removes that limitation and enables you to take full advantage of the full power of one computer.


A Dispatcher license caters for load-balancing and/or automatic fail-over scenarios. The Dispatcher license will not actually process any files but will distribute them over other Standard and/or Unlimited “Satellite” licenses in the network.


With all of the above license types, all processed files may come from inside or outside the company network. However, the result files of any automated processing that include a callas product may only be used for production, archival ... inside the company network. In case of processing files from outside the company network for production, archival ... outside the company network, an ASP license is required. As an alternative the License Server may be used which also covers ASP use.


OEM licenses are only available to software vendors. These licenses may be integrated into products from those vendors and can be deployed with these products to customers of the OEM partner. OEM licenses are only available once an individual agreement between callas and the OEM partner has been met. For more information, contact callas software at

License Server

The callas License Server is typically used in private or public cloud environments. It is an independent software through which callas Server/CLI/SDK products can retrieve specific license information. This license information is based on the maximum number of instances and/or the processing time the Server/CLI/SDK product can use regardless of where the Server/CLI/SDK product is installed. This allows to cater for automatic scaling scenarios. The normal License Server license model also covers ASP use.

License Server in the cloud

A variant of License Server that makes it easier to set up cloud environments. The ‘shared' License Server already runs in the cloud hence it does not require purchasing and/or setting up the License Server. In order to run callas products, Process and/or Credit cartridges need to be purchased which are stored in individual wallets shipped during the first purchase.


These license types can only be used when the licensee has at least one of the production licenses listed above. They also have in common that any processing result must not be used for anything else than for testing.

  • The Developer license is a non-production license that can be used for testing purposes in a development environment.
  • A Coldspare license can be used as cold fail-over solution. The system on which it is installed cannot be used for production in parallel with the production licenses it is supposed to provide fail-over for.
  • A QA license can be used for testing or in a staging environment that mirrors a production environment.

Trial licenses

Trial licenses for all products are fully functional and valid for 14 days. Trial licenses with longer validity are available upon request.

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