How quick is pdfToolbox's QuickCheck functionality?

pdfToolbox - Quick Check

It had been discussed several times that while it might be impossible to dramatically increase the speed of pdfToolbox processing, it might be possible to increase the speed of individual aspects - especially such aspects that may be of specific interest to customers. So, what is it that you can ‘quickly check’, what's the background of QuickCheck and how can this feature shape automation?

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The Great (Online) PDF Show

The Great (online) PDF Show

From where do you remember that we asked you about Maria Callas' birth city, what color PANTONE 124C is or what the combined age of the Four Pees team is? Believe it or not, The Great (online) PDF Show is back! Are you ready to test your skills before going on the real stage and find out how much you know about us or the PDF industry? This is how we prepare you for the next VIP Event!

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How callas and Prepress changed each other

From preflight to prepress

One can see a lot clearer in the rearview mirror. Having been in Prepress for 30 years and 17 at callas, here I will have a quick look to the rear - and to the front...

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A short story of callas License Server ...

callas License Server

We already discussed our 'next big thing' at the VIP Event 2018: the License Server. But what led to this idea, how can it help you and everything surrounding the License Server? Let me answer these questions and a lot more in this blog post.

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EDuCation 2019


I am just back from the PDF Association’s annual event, the EDC (Electronic Document Conference), in Seattle. In short: I think it was a very good event and I am happy that we decided to have it in North America this year. (That’s a picture of Mount Rainier in the blog post cover, taken from Lake Washington during the evening boat tour.) It is always helpful to talk about recent PDF developments and to hear what others, end users as well as developers, think about those. One thing that we (the attendees) came back to various times during the event is that PDF has many more features than currently being used and that it is important to educate users and developers – which made for the title of this blog post. Part of that mission is that from now on, this annual event will alternate between Europe (next year) and North America.

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Is ZUGFeRD 2.0 just as easy to use as its predecessor or any other data formats for e-invoices?


As a hybrid data format, ZUGFeRD integrates structured invoice data in XML format into a PDF document (PDF/A-3). Recently ZUGFeRD 2.0 was published and the current release of pdfaPilot supports the old as well as the new flavor of ZUGFeRD, but also the French Factur-X and the XRechnung (developed by the German Ministry of the Interior). This blog explains what that actually means.

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SVG font issues in prepress production - and what that has to do with recent ISO meetings

SVG Fonts issues in prepress production

We recently heard about many prepress production problems related to SVG fonts used in the layouts. In this blogpost, you'll read what causes these issues, how you can resolve them and what it has to do with our recent ISO meetings in Toronto.

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Powerful coexistence of AFP and PDF


Today, PDF is the universal format for the exchange of digital documents, but since many years it is also the standard for the transmission and processing of print documents in all industries and printing processes. Printed customer communication, however, is an exception. This is where the faction that adheres to AFP, a technology for the print data stream, persists. With the ISO 22550 standard 'Document management - AFP interchange for PDF' about to be published, both formats could be combined.

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