Support and Maintenance Agreement

callas software GmbH offers a Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for all its own Desktop- Server- and CLI-products.

The main advantage of a software maintenance agreement is the fixed, calculable price of the software. A user with an SMA has permanent access to free updates and technical support, enabling secure technical and financial planning.

Components of the agreement


Customers who have a Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) automatically receive a notification from callas software informing them of all version changes. SMA support is provided in the form of best-possible solutions, and can comprise short-term workaround solutions and/or the provision of product modifications or documentation.

Software maintenance

callas software provides all updates – including updates that correct faults and inter-release versions/main release versions – for the products in question, along with the corresponding documentation.

Licensed parties can download all product updates from the callas software website. If you don't have an account yet, you need to register first.

Crossgrades (operating system changes)

During the validity of the agreement, crossgrades for products are for free.

Additional product licenses

During the validity of the agreement, additional product licenses can be purchased at quantity-scale prices on the basis of the price list that is currently valid.


The agreement is valid for the 12 month period following the date of purchase of the product. In some circumstances, it may be possible to enter into an SMA later on. For more information, please contact


The annual cost of an SMA is 20% of the list price. A 3-year SMA is available for 50% of the list price.