When it really must be the right color

One of the very important aspects in PDF documents is color. Especially when using those documents in print workflows, it is essential that they are constructed correctly or you will end up with unexpected results. The callas solutions contain very sophisticated color management capabilities to modify or finetune PDF documents.

Color management using ICC profiles

All callas solutions are fully ICC profile compatible and will correctly use ICC profiles in the PDF documents or provided in a correction step. ICC profiles can be inserted into a PDF file’s output intent, or can be used for color transformations (for example while converting RGB into proper CMYK). It’s also possible to reassign or simply remove ICC profiles from documents when necessary.

DeviceLink profiles for heavier lifting

For specific color transformations (for example for CMYK-to-CMYK conversions), the callas solutions come with a range of high-quality DeviceLink profiles built in. If you have your own DeviceLink profiles, those can of course be used as well. This allows conversions from one print standard to another for example, or perhaps applying TAC reduction or doing ink save on processed PDF documents.

Remapping color

Next to color managing the whole PDF document, it is sometimes necessary to remap specific colors. Perhaps to apply a customer’s brand colors correctly, perhaps to fix certain colors that came in using the wrong CMYK mix, perhaps to rename specific spot colors so they are recognized by printing or finishing equipment. The callas solution enable all such scenarios and allow color remapping of specific RGB or CMYK colors, or of spot colors.

Overprint issues

Closely linked to color, making sure overprint is set correctly for critical elements such as black or white text or vector elements, is another capability of pdfToolbox. These potential problems can be detected and reported, or even Fixups can be used to resolve the issue throughout all processed documents.

Technical colors

Very often, technical, colors cause major problems. Elements that will be used as varnish, under-color white, cut and fold lines, printer marks, grommets (eyelets), need to be properly defined. Often the names given to such elements by designers, need to be standardized before printing or finishing. This can also be done with a high degree of flexibility in the callas solutions.