Activation procedure for pdfChip


To use any callas product on a computer, you need to activate it first. This is true if you have bought a license key but also if you want to run the trial software. This article explains how the normal activation procedure for callas pdfChip works and which steps you have to go through.

pdfChip does not have a user-interface, but is used by a command-line interface (CLI). The application needs a valid activation to run. This activation is bound to the hardware from which the activation was performed.


Activation code request

Open a terminal window and change to your pdfChip installation directory.


pdfChip --keycode <name> <company> <licenceCode>


  • name: Name of licensee (e.g. "Registered user").
  • company: Name of company (e.g. "User's company").
  • license code: License key obtained from the registration card.
    To make a request for a trial version, please use the keyword "trial" (for a pdfChip trial version).

The result from pdfChip will be a number of lines of text. This text content needs to be sent to the callas activation server; the email address to be used is included in the text output.

After sending the email, the callas activation server sends a return email with the activation information attached (in a text file called "License.txt"). You can send the email to the callas activation server from a different system, but the return activation information will only be valid on the system where you ran the command in pdfChip.


After receiving the automatic email reply, the attached license file has to be saved and pdfChip has to be activated.


pdfChip --activate <license file>


  • licence file: Full path to licence file.


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