Add new printing condition (Output Intent) for PDF/X export

This lesson explains how to set up custom Output Intents which can be used e.g. for PDF/X conversion.

PDF/X-1a Switchboard action

The drop down list shows lot of printing conditions, but the needed one is not listed.

Setting up a profile for PDF/X conversion

The drop down list in the "Edit Profile" displays the same list as the Switchboard action - again the needed printing condition is not listed.

Open "Preferences..." dialog

The "Preferences" dialog can be opened via the main menu in the Standalone version or the pdfToolbox Plug-In menu in Acrobat.

"Output Intents" pane

In "pdfToolbox Preferences" window go to the "Output Intents" pane which shows all available Output Intents.

Create a new Output Intent

Click on the "New" button (icon with plus sign in the lower left of the window) to create a new Output Intent.

Setting up an Output Intent

Fill in the name of the Output Intent (here we use "PSR LWC plus v2 (ECI)"), and click on "Choose..." to locate the needed ICC destination profile.

Select ICC profile

Locate and select the ICC profile on the computer and click "Open" to import it into the newly created Output Intent.

Select Output Condition Identifier

Select the appropriate value for the "Output Condition Identifier" field (if not sure what to select, use "Custom").

Selecting a predefined Output Condition Identifier

For predefined "Output Condition Identifier" values, the remaining entries will be filled automatically. The new Output Intent is now completely defined and ready to be used. Click OK to save the new Output Intent and close the dialog.

PDF/X-1a Switchboard action

The newly created Output Intent is now included in the list of printing conditions in the drop down list of the "PDF/X-1a" Switchboard action.

PDF/X conversion in the "Edit Profile" dialog

The newly created Output Intent is now included in the list of printing conditions in the "Convert to PDF/X, PDF/A or PDF/E" profile section.


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