Convert colors in Enfocus Switch

This tutorial explains how to set up a simple color conversion flow with callas pdfToolbox CLI and Enfocus Switch.

Launch Switch and locate callas pdfToolbox functional modules

The callas pdfToolbox functionality can be found in the "Elements" section – just enter "callas" in the search field, and the available functional modules for callas pdfToolbox will be listed.

Create a new flow

Enter self descriptive name

Canvas for designing a new flow is provided

Drag "callas pdfToolbox ConvertColors" onto canvas, configure setup

  1. Begin to design the new flow by dragging the "callas pdfToolbox ConvertColor" list entry onto the canvas.
  2. Set up the parameters for the ConvertColor module by clicking onto each of the entries in the "Properties" configuration panel.
  3. Use the "Select from Library" menu entry.

Define the destination for the color conversion flow

In this example, we are choosing "CommercialPrintingCoated.cfg" for conversion to high quality sheetfed offset printing.

Indicate the origin of the PDF files to be processed

  1. For best results, define an appropriate setting regarding the source from which the PDFs to be processed originate.
  2. Again, choose the "Select from Library" menu entry.

Choose "Source Color Config"

Select a suitable setting defining the origin of the PDF files to be processed. If it is not known exactly what kind of PDF files will be processed, "AutomaticBestGuess.cfg" will provide the best possible results by applying the most suitable settings to each file.

Keep spot colors or convert to 4c?

  1. Finally, define whether spot color shall be maintained as spot color or shall rather be converted to process colors.
  2. Again, make use of the "Choose from Library" option.

Turn all spot into process color

In this example, we are using the option to convert all spot colors to process color.

Set up folder for incoming PDFs

Drag a folder icon from the "Basics" list in the "Elements" panel to the canvas, left to the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon.

Connect the folder for incoming PDFs to the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon by clicking first on the folder icon and then on the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon.

Add folder for completely processed PDFs

  1. In the same way as for the incoming PDFs folder, drag another folder onto the canvas to the right of the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon and connect by first clicking on the pdfToolbox ConvertColors icon and then again on the icon for the second folder.

    Congratulations – you have completed the configuration of the simple color conversion flow, that color converts all incoming PDFs so they can be printed with best possible color fidelity on a sheet fed offset press.
  2. By clicking on the "Activate" button in the upper right, the new flow is activated and ready to process and color convert PDFs.

New flow activated – color conversion flow waiting for incoming PDFs

Drag PDFs onto folder for inoming PDFs

callas pdfToolbox about to process and color convert PDFs

Next to each folder icon, a small number indicates how many files are waiting to be processed (1) or how many files already have been completely processed (2).

callas pdfToolbox processing and color converting PDFs

callas pdfToolbox completed color conversion of PDFs

Once callas pdfToolbox has completed processing the PDFs, they will be stored in the second folder (1), ready to be retrieved from there and sent to the press. The individual files are listed in the "Files" panel (2) and for example can be dragged to the local disk or into pdfToolbox Desktop or Acrobat Pro.


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