Merging PDF contents

Add a letter head draft to pdfToolbox, so that any letter may then be combined with the letter head in order to being sent as PDF file.

Open Letter.odt

Letter.odt is converted into a PDF file

Open pdfToolbox "Document"

Select "Letter head"

Letter head options are displayed

There are two letter heads provided with the program

Click on "Show folder" in order to add your letter head to the program

The folder with the two letter head PDFs is opened

Open the folder where the demo letter head is stored

Copy the demo letter head ("callas_letter_head.pdf") into the folder with pdfToolbox letter heads

Leave the "Letter head" action field and go one level above

Enter again into the "Letter head" action

The added letter head is now available in the program

Select the new letter head and execute the action

The letter head is added to the letter text and may now be sent as PDF file


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