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Pim Print automates workflow with callas pdfToolbox Server

Pim Print, The Netherlands

Pim Print’s current premises, a former bulbshed, are bursting at the seams. Expansion on a recently purchased building plot nearby is in the pipeline. The company’s founder, Pim van der Meer, started his company in 1982. Ronald van der Meer - no relation - joined the company in 1997, and he became its co-owner in 2012. “The biggest change was without a doubt the digitization of our production and the arrival of a number of SRA3 volume printers and two wide format inkjet plotters. We took our most important decision four years ago by putting our money on web-based selling”, says Ronald. Read more...

PDF2PRINT - Adding value for customers using an automated quality control system built on callas pdfToolbox

Soar Printing, New Zealand

Fred Soar, Managing Director Soar Printing: “The printing industry has changed radically since we started out but one thing has remained the same – behind every single job is a customer who wants it done right. Soar Printing understands this. It is the heart of our culture. It guides our investment in new technologies and it helps us to continually evolve our business. We need to grow with our customers’ business and be aware of the trends and opportunities they are facing globally. From the smallest print job to the most complex, we want our customers to have the utmost confidence in our company” Read more...

ROSENDAHLS front-runner for PDF/A compliancy in Denmark

Danish media services provider Rosendahls implements callas pdfaPilot to supply accessible PDF/A documents for public authorities

Located in Copenhagen, Odense and Esbjerg, it has offered a comprehensive range of services in the areas of communication, publishing, warehousing and distribution for more than a century. Rosendahls is on top of new developments and continues to be a technology front-runner to support its customers. As many of those customers traditionally come from public administration organizations, Denmark’s embracing of the ISO PDF/A standard had a direct impact on Rosendahls.
Read the customer testimonial ...

Infocamere adopts PDF/A

Italian Companies’ Register accepts deeds in PDF/A format only

Infocamere carries out systematic compliance checks and chose callas pdfaPilot, which has been entrusted with the prompt validation of the files sent to the Register. Read more...

PDF/X-4: Opportunities abound

The limitations of an aging standard and the needs of changing workflows

In 2001 the ISO released what is commonly known as the PDF/X-1a standard. Because our workflows and the PDF format itself didn’t stand still, our trusted PDF/X-1a standard is starting to show its age. The ISO has developed a more powerful version, called PDF/X-4, which will be coming to a workflow close to you soon. For a variety of reasons. Read more...

pdfToolbox brings Formula 1 power to our web-based solutions

F.E. Burman, London, automates the complete web-to-print back-end process

Andy Psarianos, F.E.Burman's director in charge of development: “pdfToolbox allows us to build some very powerful and sophisticated products. It’s like putting a Formula 1 engine in our web-based products. We have processed literally hundreds of thousands PDF files through the software, and I honestly can’t recall of one instance where we ever had to question the accuracy of the system. The quality of the imposition and preflight engine is outstanding and the software is extremely user friendly with clear instructions on how to use it. Implementation by our in-house development team was therefore very easy, fast and successful. Read more...

Why should you care about dynamic preflighting?

Read what David van Driessche says about preflighting and pdfToolbox

"Well, what is dynamic preflighting to begin with? You know what preflight is of course: checking different properties of a file to make sure it will be suitable for your purposes. Modern preflight applications allow you to create a preflight profile; such a profile contains a set of preflight checks and fixes. Each check defines a potential problem you want to check for; each fix defines how you want to correct potential problems."

Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG in the driving seat with pdfaPilot from callas software

Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG wanted to achieve greater transparency, uniformity, security, and compliance in its document storage.

With its decision to use consistent electronic longterm archiving in PDF/A, the company is very much following the current trend. Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG was looking for a flexible, powerful, and stable solution. Today, pdfaPilot from callas software, provider of powerful PDF technologies for publishing, print production, and document archiving, is used for the fully automatic conversion to PDF/A of the 30,000 or so order-related documents that arise each year. Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG will therefore be able to give up its physical archive and benefit from the advantages of long-term, uniform, digital storage. Read more...