callas pdfCamp 2023 united Users, Developers and PDF Experts for 2 days of learning and collaboration.

12 May 2023 By Cindy Van Luyck

Berlin, May 12, 2023 - callas software, the market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, organized another successful pdfCamp event in Berlin, bringing together users, developers, integrators, and resellers from around the world.

The pdfCamp event offered a unique opportunity for the attendees to interact closely with the callas software team and other callas software users to share experiences, ideas, and knowledge. It featured a series of workshops and sessions on prepress workflow profiles, software usage, and product capabilities. Attendees were thrilled to discover new possibilities, features, and tools, and gained insights into how to make the most of callas software products.

"I've attended pdfCamp for the fifth time, and I like to come here because you can talk closely to people from callas like the development team, the CEO, and the product manager, and if you have an idea you would like to see implemented in pdfToolbox, then they make it happen. That's really amazing!" said Andreas Lietz, a loyal pdfCamp attendee from Ortmann Team.

Participants also praised the event for providing a platform for learning, networking, and problem-solving. Petra Hänisch, from HUK Coburg, said, "I love pdfCamp very much because I get here all the answers to the questions I have about the callas products, and if I don't get a result right here, it will be in the next release at the latest."

The pdfCamp event was not only about learning and discovering new possibilities but also about providing feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Liam Baldwin from Print Evolved, a first-time callas user, said, "As a new user, I had no idea what was possible in callas, and so it opened my eyes to the possibilities, and I'm gagging to get back to work and implement some more workflows!"

Andreas Müller from WirMachenDruck and attending pdfCamp for the first time, agrees it has been a great learning experience “I could sit here for a week and just listen, and it’s all interesting because you really learn a lot. Bringing your own problems to be solved is an added bonus!”

“pdfCamp is an essential event for staying up-to-date and discovering new things. It’s a great opportunity to learn from other customers, integrators, and resellers” says Damiano Viscardi from Trimbox, one of the integration partners of callas software.

Dietrich von Seggern, the CEO of callas software, said, "pdfCamp for us is important because it gives us an opportunity to get together with people and let them know what is in the product, but what the attendees of the PDF camp may not realize. At the same time we see what they're struggling with, which additional requirements they might have, how we could possibly make it easier to use the product, or maybe just improve our documentation about how to approach certain features. We take home many things from these events that help us then to further develop and improve our product."

David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees and long-time pdfCamp contributor, emphasized the value of the event in bringing people together, sharing knowledge and experiences, and building a community of PDF enthusiasts. “As a PDF expert with over 25 years of experience, I can confidently say that I continue to learn and grow at events like these, where practical problems are solved and insights into the industry are shared.”

The pdfCamp event was a resounding success, and the participants left with valuable insights, knowledge, and ideas. callas software intends to continue organizing pdfCamp at least every year demonstrating its ongoing commitment to its customers and the industry.

Are you curious to experience the vibrant atmosphere of pdfCamp 2023?
Immerse yourself in the after-movie capturing the essence of this exceptional event!

callas pdfCamp23 aftermovie
callas pdfCamp23 aftermovie

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