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Available technologies for OEM partners and System developers

The callas technology is based on an uncompromising concept of in-depth analysis of the PDF and includes embedded formats such as font types, XMP metadata, ICC profiles, image compression algorithms and more. This approach gives you the certainty that all hidden problems in a complex file format like PDF are detected and appropriately treated if converted.

callas technology is available as:

CLI (Command Line Interface)

For the fastest integration of callas' technology into your solution all modules support a CLI on all the platforms they are available on. The parameters of the commands are comprehensive and well documented.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

For thorough integration of callas' technology into your solution the modules are available as SDKs for you to work with. The primary programming language to interface with is C++. For various development and deployment environments - such as .NET or JAVA - the necessary APIs are provided.

Supported platforms

callas softwares technology is available for and supported on

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • MacOS X
  • Linux (Suse, RedHat)
  • AIX
  • SunSolaris (Sparc and x86)

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